Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says regrets voting to confirm US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and thinks the odds of Republicans taking over the Senate after November's elections and him becoming the new majority leader are "50-50."

McConnell also told Candy Crowley on CNN's State Of The Union that in light of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts' vote on the Obama healthcare law he does not regret voting to confirm him. He is, however, "extremely disappointed" in his vote.

The Kentucky senator says he expects "a very close, competitive election" in the battles for the 33 seats on ballots this fall.

McConnell is not predicting a sweep for Democrats or Republicans in the fall Senate elections. With 50 seats needed to take control, McConnell says "at the end of the day, we will have a very narrow Senate one way or the other."

There are currently 51 Democrats and 47 Republicans in the Senate. There are two independents, Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman, who align with Democrats.

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