If you took your family to see the 4th of July concert in Philadelphia last Friday, you were treated to a barrage of expletives by singer Nicki Minaj and Ed Sheeran. There were apparently so many that Mayor Michael Nutter is ordering a full review of what aired - or almost aired.

The Philadelphia Mayor said he couldn’t make out what Nicki Minaj was saying and that the organizers were supposed to deliver a family safe show. This show was so “family unfriendly” that Disney’s WPVI-TV was forced to “repeatedly cut away to a slide of the station’s logo,”and that the Channel 6 delay system “struggled to keep up with the bleeps” required during the live four-hour concert that included Ed Sheeran.

You may remember that Minaj gave the finger to the Super Bowl halftime audience during the Giants-Patriots game in 2012.

How do you feel about performers dropping expletives at family events? Does it make  them seem cooler, or do you just see it as a childish and cheap way to gain national attention?

If celebrities are looking for something memorable when they get up on stage, how about they just give a great performance?