The news that "Newsweek" magazine is going to start printing a physical copy again has been met with a lot of surprise. It has long been assumed that the business model of magazines was not sustainable under current conditions.

I, for one, will be rooting for Newsweek to succeed. Why? Because I like magazines and want them to survive; they have been a part of my life since I first read Highlights; I graduated to Boys' Life, Ranger Rick, and Reader's Digest. National Geographic was always around the house and, before subscribing myself, so was Sports Illustrated. I would buy Sport magazine at the drug store and The Sporting News (does that still exist?). Even today, I get the paper copy of Time, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, and Popular Photography. I can get the digital edition of two of them, Time and Sports Illustrated, on my iPad, and I do, but I still enjoy sitting in my La-Z-Boy and reading the hard copy cover to cover. I hope that doesn’t go away.