My boys are 6 years old now and are obsessed with Star Wars. Yes I said Star Wars! And NO it’s not 1977.  In case you’ve been too busy living your life to notice, Star Wars has made a huge comeback that will get even bigger now that the force has been bought by Disney.

Entire shelves in toy departments across New Jersey are filled with Star Wars Lego models or Star Wars action figures. My sons have light saber fights all over my house knocking down pictures, plants and breaking my wife’s knick knacks. (  ok the knick knack part I’m good with ;) but they are out of control.

Last week they spent the entire day in front of Spike TV watching Episode 4 followed by The Empire Strikes Back. Each “Spiked” with about 15 minutes of commercials for ever 10 minutes of movie. It was so bad that by the time is ended they were asking for “AXE” cologne for Christmas.

But in my never ending attempt to be a good father, I have unearthed a Star Wars Christmas song performed by none other than our own Jon Bon Jovi called “R2 D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas”   Enjoy and may the force be with you like it is with me…