A newspaper story this week was headlined, "New Port authority Chief's focus is...Maximizing Dollars."  Certainly maximizing dollars is their strong suit. They've excelled at it for years. Dozens of employees who take in more income in overtime than their base salaries, by putting in more overtime hours than there are hours in a week. At least by their accounting.

 Salaries beyond the dream of people who do the same work in other venues. Endless stipends and bonuses.  Over a billion dollars spent last year with no accounting to where it went or why.  That's according to an audit by the New York State conptroller.  And now, the latest prodigy of excess, ferreted out by The Record, Authority "executives" have passed out among themselvs some two million dollars in hefty bonuses, from nineteen thousand to as much as seventy six thousand dollars a head. To rub salt in the wound, they hid it from sight. Hiding the dispensing of the swill because, they said (after they got caught)...disclosure would be an "unwarranted invasion of personal privacy".   And this doesn't include the endless unused sick and vacation pay compensaton they regularly pass out. So it goes.  Toll payers fill the trough, Port Authority "executives" hog up the swill. What an outfit.