Mary Tyler Moore was un-hateable. There wasn't a person, man, woman or child, who could watch her eponymous show and not think that she was completely adorable.

We first fell in love with her, at least most of us did, on the Dick Van Dyke Show, where she was equal parts pretty, perky, sexy and goofy which is always such a good combination for a woman to be!

She had the dream job, the dream look, the dream clothes, and men falling all over her in that way that was respectable back then. In that fun, innocent way you could show it back then, before there was such a term as "sexual harassment." Although Mr. Grant said "you've got spunk, I hate spunk," you knew that she had the type of spunkiness that no man could possibly resist.

If you were a girl growing up in the 70s and you said you did not want to be Mary Tyler Moore, you were lying.

It's a sad day indeed. And no I'm not going to make a "she just might've made it after all" or a "yes, love was all around!" reference. That would be so cheesy, and Mary Tyler Moore was anything but.

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