The First Lady of NJ Mary Pat Christie called in to Jim's show this morning (11/19) to discuss the fund that she and the Governor have set up to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

The Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund is a bit different from the other fundraisers, as the focus is centered around the long term relief as most residents affected by Hurricane Sandy will take a long time to recover. The hope is to act as a form of gap funding between what FEMA and insurance companies provide the survivors and the difference in the cost to rebuild their lives.

Although it is impossible to guess what amount is necessary to be raised, Mrs Christie is calling both companies and individuals to assist in their fundraising efforts. As of today, The First Lady mentioned that they have had over 7,000 donors from their online site and raised over $1.4 million, just from online donations.

Their big goal of the Sandy NJ Relief Fund is to make sure that people do not forget about those in need in the coming months. There are people that are going to need help long after most fund raising efforts have ended.

To donate to the Sandy NJ Relief Fund, click HERE. Or for more information, you can email:

To listen to the entire interview with Mary Pat Christie, click the audio player below: