Outside the home of little Tierra Morgan, her mother sat in her car and wept last night. Her neighbors were shouting, "They got him!"

The nationwide manhunt for a suspected child killer from New Jersey is over this morning.

Acting on a tip from New Jersey police, U-S Marshals captured 27-year old Arthur Morgan at a home in San Diego, california, last night. It's believe Morgan killed his two year old daughter, Tierra, by tossing her into a creek in a Wall Township park last week. She was found by a group of passing school children, partially submerged in the water and still strapped in her car seat. Tierra was having the first court ordered visitation with her father in over two years. Her mother called police after he failed to return her at the appointed time.

Through her tears, the girl's mother said she hoped her situation can prevent another mother from going through the same thing.

As for Arthur Morgan, he remains jailed in California, and could be returned to New Jersey as early as today to face murder charges.