Footloose High? Not quite, Manchester High School principal Dennis Adams said.

The principal told New Jersey 101.5 he recently prohibited dancing in the hallways and cafeteria for safety concerns — and called comparisons to the movie "Footloose" (being made by several students, and media) "misguided."

"Our kids walk to class, they don't dance to class," said Adams, who said the "dance offs" that have been happening in school hallways cause an "unsafe environment" because large crowds gather around to watch, blocking other students from getting to class.

"Dancing is not the main issue," he said. "Too many students are huddling in certain areas, kids can't get to class. We're concerned about too many kids in one area and kids can get hurt."

Adams said he has spoken to two dance groups that brought their danceoffs to the Ocean County school and encouraged them to start a dance club at school instead.

"It would have an advisor and a place for them to dance — not in the middle of the school day when students are supposed to be going from class to class in a timely fashion," Adams said.

No one has approached Adams about starting a club yet.

"I want it to be known we have great kids here," Adams said. "We have a great staff and great kids and we want to make sure its guided in the right direction.

Manchester Patch reports the issue was brought up at Wednesday night's Board of Education. One parent praised Adams for bringing the situation under control with his ban.  Adams said his ban only covers the school's hallways and dancing in "appropriate venues, such as dances, proms, talent shows, and other suitable settings" is allowed.

Thursday, students continued to Tweet that they're not planning on stopping the danceoffs.

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