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1) Manalapan-Englishtown schools have in place a plan to increase security, but in doing so, they canceled the annual Halloween parade following Newtown shootings…do you feel this is an overreaction?

2) A High school principal made a video of himself spoofing the Terminator movie to introduce himself to his students. It had images of empty classrooms, one teacher screaming for her life…things like that. Do you feel the video was funny or inappropriate?

3) A couple more teacher stories: In one, should a Teacher who’s made porn videos back before she became a teacher be able to get her teaching job back?

In the other, the story of the teacher who was fired for saying she felt like a warden for future criminals on her Facebook page was turned down by a state appeals court in trying to get her job back….do you feel she should get her job back anyway?

4) Do you feel that cops in Phillipsburg have nothing better to do than to give kids jaywalking tickets…or is this really a problem? And, by the way, can you ever remember a time when you’ve gotten a BS ticket?

5)Where would you find Jersey’s best deli…could be Jewish, Italian, Polish, you name it. In Hoboken, their having their first 'Mutzfest' Sunday -- who will be mozzarella king?

6) Watch what you post on the internet! A male student at Montclair State was suspended for posting unflattering comments about a fellow female student. Now an advocacy group says the school went too far in suspending him for online comments he made. Do you feel the student’s rights of free speech and expression were violated?

7) Do you believe energy drinks are inherently dangerous? What is your energy drink of choice…how many of them do you down a day, and have you every had a bad reaction from it? Energy Drink Related ER Visits Double Since 2007

8) From one extreme to the other! Do you trust sleep aids like Ambien…and have they ever messed you up; because now the FDA is saying that you take lower doses for Ambien and things like that.

9) Have you ever called out anyone who parks in handicapped spots and isn’t handicapped?
The state will be cracking down on anyone who abuses Disabled Parking Permits.

10) Governor Christie is critical of dune opponents…do you feel those who are opposed to having dunes places on beaches in front of their oceanfront property are being shortsighted?

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