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The man who recorded his scuffle with a Bloomfield councilman — resulting in each saying they've filed charges against the other — previously admitted scamming Home Depot out of about $500,000, NJ Advance Media reports.

According to the report, officials confirmed Daniel Chalet, 30, pleaded guilty to a four-year scheme victimizing Home Depot locations in multiple states. He's currently in the middle of a probation term. Bloomfield police said it's unclear whether the altercation would affect his probation, the report said.

The incident — which police described as a "physical altercation" — occurred after a council meeting, pitting Councilman Joseph Lopez against members of the Chalet family. First ward Councilman Elias Chalet is facing charges that he accepted a $15,000 bribe — and Lopez's comments on the matter apparently preceded the incident. Elias Chalet was not involved in the altercation.

Lopez told police that a group of people surrounded his car outside the municipal complex, and one person tried to open his car door, NJ Advance Media previously reported, citing a police report. Lopez also reportedly told police he then kicked open the car door.

Daniel Chalet, however, told Mountainside police that Lopez punched him twice, causing his cell phone to fall and hit the ground, according to the earlier NJ Advance Media report.

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