EAST RUTHERFORD —  Police are still searching for a man they say poured bleach on a woman's head and then rubbed her face in it before punching her.

Andrew Kazmierzak, 28, was allowed into his former friend's home at the Monarch Apartments to "talk" but the two, who police described as "former acquaintances" began to argue.

Police said Kazmierzak urinated on the 26-year-old woman's floor and when she went to get bleach to clean up, Kazmierzak grabbed the bottle, poured the bleach on the floor, dragged her down to the floor and punched her.

Police said the woman was hospitalized for hip and buttock injuries caused by the bleach.

Kazmierzak may live in Paterson or the Bronx, according to police. He is wanted on a charge of aggravated assault.

East Rutherford Polcie asked anyone with information on Kazmierzak's whereabouts should call 201-438-0165.

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