NEW BRUNSWICK (AP) — A motorist stopped in traffic captured on videotape a near-miss of a tractor-trailer sliding on black ice on the New Jersey Turnpike.


A tractor trailer heads for the median after fishtailing on ice on the New Jersey Turnpike (YouTube)

The man was driving on the toll road in New Brunswick Sunday when he stopped because trucks ahead of him had fishtailed and blocked the lanes. He took out his cellphone and began shooting video.

He tells ABC 7 that's when he heard a noise and saw a truck hauling two trailers narrowly miss his car before it jumped the barrier and ended up in the opposite lanes.

"It was real bizarre to see, so I decided to actually pull out my phone," he says, "and ad that point, I heard some noise in the back, and turned around and basically had the camera rolling the whole time."

The man said his hands were shaking.

No one was hurt.

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