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A man allegedly seen on video beating his girlfriend as she recovered from a January car accident has been arrested.

Video posted by the Jersey Journal showed a man kicking a woman in the face and then walking across the street as she cried and remained on the ground. The Journal reports Wesley McCall, 23, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury after being arrested at his mother's Jersey City home.

It the origin of the video is not clear. It appears the video was taken on a mobile phone.

During the video, the woman appears to yell that she's pregnant.

According to the Journal, the woman had a seizure after running to a neighbor's house following the incident, which went viral on the internet. The report said that after her recovery from the seizure, the woman, whose identity was not released by police, reported the incident and made them aware of the video.

Authorities said McCall was aware of the woman' car accident in January, which resulted in a brain injury, according to the report.

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