MONTCLAIR — A man who said he was told to take off his clothes in front of police officers after his arrest has settled with the township.

According to the settlement, first reported by the NJ Civil Settlements website, Kevin Ali of Montclair was a passenger in a car stopped in October 2012. It says he got out of the car, then cops ordered him back into it — and then again, out of it, to arrest him on a charge of disorderly conduct. Ali said once he was brought back to the police station he was ordered to remove his clothing as officers ridiculed him.

Ali settled with the township for $30,000 and is prohibited from discussing the case. The disorderly charge was dismissed earlier. As is typical in such settlements, no parties involved admitted to any wrongdoing.

In the lawsuit, Ali said he was "ordered to take his clothes off in a humiliating manner while officers around him ridiculed and laughed." The incident has caused Ali emotional and physical pain and suffering, he said.

Police told the court there was no video of the incident.

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