Long ago, Christopher M. Miller robbed a shoe store in Toms River. He served 15 years in prison. The very day after his release, he robbed the very same shoe store. A StrideRite on Hooper Avenue. Now, he has offered an explanation as to why.

My favorite part of this story is that one of the two employees was working that day long ago when he robbed it the first time. The police asked him, "Didn't she look familiar?" His priceless answer, "You know what, it did seem a little deja vu-ish."

Once you read his explanation though, you might feel a bit sorry for the guy. If he's telling the truth, and that might be a big if, he didn't set out that day to rob anyone. He says he was released from prison with zero money and insufficient bus tickets to make it to his parole officer in Red Bank who wouldn't help him, and had nothing to eat and nowhere to go.