Maybe its because I watched The Deer Hunter this weekend with all its Russian Roulette, but this story from Michigan really caught my attention. I am neither a gun-rights crusader nor an anti-gun activist; I think the 2nd Amendment is pretty unambiguous about Americans’ right to own guns, but I have no plans for ever owning one. But even I know you’re not supposed to aim a gun at anyone or yourself, even if it is unloaded.

A 36 year old man in Michigan was demonstrating to his girlfriend how safe his handguns were; he did this by picking up each firearm, putting it to his head, and pulling the trigger. The first two guns were demonstrated without incident, but the third gun was, you guessed it, loaded; he shot himself in the head and was pronounced dead at the scene. I have no idea why anyone would do something that stupid, but there is one clue: according to the report the man had been drinking “most of the day”.