George Zimmerman is now in jail, and that give the grieving mother of Trayvon Martin some relief.

It also gladdens Garfield resident Shirley Williams, but doesn’t give her nearly enough satisfaction.

She feels that the death of her son, 19 year old Malik Williams, allegedly at the hands of Garfield and Bergen County police should have gotten the same amount of national attention as the Martin case.

Not to belabor the various aspects of the Martin case, the circumstances surrounding the Williams case are as follows.

According to this report, Malik, turned himself in to Garfield police Dec. 10 after being notified that an aggravated assault warrant — stemming from an incident with his girlfriend, Jasmine Rivera — had been issued against him.

While being processed on criminal complaints, Malik Williams fled an unlocked booking room.

Police tracked Williams to a nearby residential garage, where authorities say he had armed himself with tools.

He allegedly threatened or attacked the officers according to police reports, and two officers — one from Garfield, the other a Bergen County police officer — fired on him numerous times. He was pronounced dead that evening.

Unlike the Martin case, in which a grand jury was not impaneled, Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli has promised back in March that a grand jury will hear the case.

However, Mrs. Williams is not satisfied.

She wonders why her calls to the Rev. Al Sharpton were never returned.

She seems to feel that the Martin case has overshadowed the death of her own son, and hopes that the circumstances surrounding it be given as much attention.

The report goes on to say that Juda Engelmayer, an executive who works in crisis communications at the Manhattan firm 5W Public Relations, feels that the public outcry brought about the arrest of Zimmerman, and added… "If you could somehow drum up the same attention … you'd see a different approach in Garfield, too."

I read “different approach” as meaning, “trial in the media”… and "rush to judgement", which serves no purpose whatsoever!

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