The expression goes: "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"

You can definitely say that about Malcolm Sutherland Foggio of Florham Park.

Malcolm is a 13 year old survivor of Ewing's Sarcoma, a cancer of the bone that left him with a grapefruit sized tumor in his hip.

His mission, besides battling his tumor, was to bring light to the condition that thousands of children face in this country every day...having to deal with the adult disease of cancer.

To that end, he is running the non profit: Make Some Noise, Cure Kids Cancer Foundation.

While there have been countless advocates for battling childhood cancer, Danny Thomas comes to mind, to hear it from the lips of one who's gone through the rigors of not only the disease, but the harrowing treatment; makes you admire his bravery and his dedication to his cause!

Many times we hear stories of spoiled, over pampered kids who've been enabled by their parents, and take for granted all that they have...including the gift of good health.

Malcolm is not one of them! He's not only a survivor, but a winner!