It’s gonna sound so simple and maybe even silly, but baking the traditional bread called challah gives me a thrill.

For the uninitiated, challah is a special bread in Jewish cuisine, usually braided and typically eaten on ceremonial occasions such as Sabbath and Jewish holidays.

Although I love to cook, I’ve always enjoyed baking a lot more. I think it’s because there’s more design artistry to it (think flowery frostings and sugary designs), not to mention that baked goods tend to hang around a little longer.

That said, challah is so much fun to make. Think about it: Since we eat it on shabbat (the sabbath) which begins on Friday night, it’s a harbinger of the weekend when everyone gets to chill. And Friday night is always a big family dinner night, so Challah is associated with the warmth and happiness of that as well joy of certain holidays.

Plus, I make a bunch of loaves every Friday so the house smells amazing..oh.. and they’re pretty photogenic, too!

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