A Belleville woman who allegedly created a fake Facebook account for her ex boyfriend was indicted last year on one count of fourth-degree identity theft.

The indictment and court papers allege that, 41 year old Dana Thornton created a Facebook page using ex-Boyfriend, Parsippany Detective Michael Lasalandra's name and birth date. She went on to post pictures of him and write disparaging comments under his name.

According to The Daily Record,

Defense lawyer Richard M. Roberts has filed a motion to dismiss the indictment in state Superior Court, Morristown, contending that the charge is deficient by failing to provide any facts that Thornton committed a crime under the statute. Unlike New York state law, New Jersey’s statute on identity theft or impersonation is silent on whether it applies to Facebook and other social media and electronic devices, the defense motion said.

In you own opinion, what is the criminal charge here? You could call it identity theft. You could also call it defamation of character. Or, do you feel there was a crime committed at all? Post your comment below.