It never fails, once I like a TV show, it gets cancelled. Such is the case with Starz 'Magic City', the story of a 1959 Miami hotel owner who makes the mistake of getting involved with the mob.

Magic City had everything. The story was loaded with plot twists, the sets were great, the cars were off the hook, and if you like sex scenes, you were in the right place.

Season one premiered to great critical reviews. The characters were well established. In season two, they were turned loose on each other. The story got more intense each week until the season finale, which wrapped up some loose ends, but left enough open to make you want more.

Unfortunately we will get more, as Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played Miramar Playa owner Ike Evans says, they were notified of the cancellation 5 minutes before the press release went out.

What I would have liked to see happen was the show coming back for at least another season.

It’s so hard to trust television these days. Once a series is given time to grow, their yanked at a moments notice. Shows like 'Seinfeld', 'MASH', and 'Hill Street Blues' all started out with poor ratings but were given enough time to develop a faithful audience. If only they had given 'Magic City' such a chance on a stronger network than Starz, which also bid goodbye to Kelsey Grammar’s 'The Boss'.

What television show did you get hooked on, only to have it cancelled before it’s time? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.