The Mad Men season 5 finale ended last night with the James Bond song “You Only Live Twice” as Don Draper looks back interested in a girl who spies him at a bar wondering if he’s interested.

This comes after Dapper Don puts his second wife in a commercial and walks way into the darkness, then into the bar that sets up the scene. We also see Don’s brother Adam from not only another life but another identity as well. You see Don’s real identity is Dick Whitman and he switched dog tags with the real Donald Draper when the latter was killed in the Korean war. Adam hung himself when Don didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

So far we have seen Don Draper living as 2 people, he’s been in 2 marriages, He’s also been with 2 advertising companies. So as he stares down the barrel of hungry eyes at the bar, it’s very telling that they should set up next season by playing “You Only Live Twice,” as heard in the video above. Very telling indeed.