When last we left Don Draper, he was about to reply to a woman who asked him if he was alone while sitting at a bar. After a wait that has taken nearly forever, Mad Men returns April 7th with a 2 hour movie like opening set in Hawaii. 



If you haven’t seen Mad Men, you need to. It’s one of the best shows on television. It’s about a group of advertising executives going about their tangled lives in 1960’s New York. This was a time when creativity in advertising pushed the envelope like never before. Many of the things we take for granted in TV commercials today were cutting edge and would have probably been censored back then.


With the Super Bowl coming up, we will see a whole new bunch of creative commercials unveiled throughout the game. For me, the most cutting edge commercial I’ve ever seen during the big game was when the late Christopher Reeve was seen walking across a stage for Nuveen Investments. Most of the other ones , although they get their conversation the week after the game usually fade quickly from memory. But it was those commercials, written by the “Mad Men” that continue to have that lasting staying power that still refuses to leave our brain.

What are the commercials from your youth that you still remember?