Jim was discussing the alarming rate of teen/young adult suicides and more specifically the tragic suicide of Hillsborough resident Paige Aiello this morning when he got a very interesting call.

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Retired Marine Lt. Colonel James Sfayer, currently a teacher in Colts Neck, called in to the show to discuss how he helps young adults build a strong foundation for themselves.

A couple of Sfyaer's techniques include teaching students that they need a personal Board of Directors, the people that you can surround yourself with that will support you and offer sound advice to keep them on course.

The other step, as Sfayer says, is that he challenges kids in a character leadership class, to create a personal mission statement. Sfayer says that personal mission statement is there as a guide for them and offers insight to parents and family through their statement, as to what may be going on in the kids' lives that they may only express through writing.

You can listen to the entire call with Lt. Col. Sfayer and Jim in the audio player below.

We found an article from 2009's Living magazine with an interesting interview with Lt. Col Sfayer that you can read by clicking HERE.