According to a recent article, students in Bayonne schools will have an easier time passing math this coming school year.

As the part of a three year pilot program, the passing grades for math will be lowered from 70 to 65. The reason behind it? To minimize failure and raise the students' level of success. It is believed by the committee that helping the students achieve success will set a platform for them to build on that success and keep it going.

But is a program like this really helping? Are you really helping students build success or just minimize failure and approving mediocrity? Wouldn't it be better to spend extra time with those students to help and give them extra time to help them study rather than lowering the bar just so they can pass the class and move on?

What's next? Lowering the basketball nets so shorter people can dunk on them?

What do you think of the program? Will it really help students? Or will it hurt more than it will help?