It's always a good day when I can go to bed fairly quickly after work and wake up early enough for the 8:30 class at my gym.  Today I took zumba with this new instructor, Curtis, who made me feel like I was at a club dancing hip hop for an hour.  It was awesome!  Then I had plenty of energy to do some weight training.  Out of the gym by 10:15 and on with my day.   While it's not easy to get motivated everyday to go to the gym and eat healthy, especially as the weather gets colder and we want to stay in bed, here's something that may give you that extra push: did you know that what you eat can affect how well you perform in the bedroom? It's more than just gaining a few pounds and not feeling as good about yourself naked.

I was reading an article in "Men's Health," and they say "eating too much junk could be softening your sausage, and a lot sooner than you think." "Sexual function depends on the cardiovascular system, the heart and blood vessels, and the nervous system - the body's electrical wiring," says Shari Lieberman, Ph.D., a nutrition scientist and exercise physiologist in New York City. "Good food choices can keep these sexually crucial systems functioning at their best, but bad ones can poison them."  She suggests limiting your intake of white flour, soy (while it has been proven to be healthy for you, it has not been disproven that it doesn't take away some of your manliness if you eat too much), fatty meats, cheeses high in saturated fats, and foods with trans fats.

Plus, exercise in both men and women has been shown to increase sexual pleasure, performance, and energy in the bedroom.   Your pheromones are at their highest after a good workout, so that would be a good time to snag your partner for a little fun.  Better yet, workout together and you'll be ready for a post-workout.

How does your sex life rate?  Could you be eating better? Do you wish your partner was choosing healthier food choices or got to the gym more regularly? The next time you call to tell me you are not in a satisfying sexual relationship, I'm going to ask you how often you're both working out and what you're eating!