A report today on NJ.com suggests that a wildlife expert thinks a proposed asphalt plant to be built in Lopatcong Township in western NJ could have a detrimental effect on a rare osprey nest.

While the next is situated on a cell tower across from the site of the proposed plant, he is quoted as saying, “I don’t know for sure if the plant would affect the nest, but I don’t think we should experiment with the results either.”

In other words, don't build the plant! The birds might not like it!

In response, a spokesman for the company said the cell tower is at a sufficient distance away from the proposed plant so as not to cause a hazard.

Apparently the birds like the proximity to the Delaware River to hunt fish...which is their primary food source.

And seeing how the pair of osprey has occupied the nest for at least four years; one can only assume that they have right of first refusal.

The wildlife expert then said that the creatures of habit might abandon the nest if their surroundings change.

Reminds me of the "controversy" to widen the Garden State Parkway south of Toms River.
You may remember that some environmentalists wanted to build a tunnel for some rare snails to make it to the other side of the parkway.

No, you selfish shore visitors...no extra lane of the Parkway for you! Don't you know?
It'll disrupt the lives of the snails that have been living in the Pinelands for God-knows how long!

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