Are you still trying to climb the ladder of success or have you already gotten to where you want to be?

Mario Tama, Getty Images

Getting a job now is a little easier since New Jersey’s unemployment rate is improving. But what about getting the job you want?

I’m no expert on getting a job. The only credentials I bring to the table is that I’ve managed to get the jobs I’ve always wanted I did this by seeking out those who had them and were fortunate enough to have some take me under their wing. Here is what I’ve learned.

First off, focus. Know exactly what you want to do right down to the tiniest nuance. Imagine yourself doing the job. Think about how you could do it better even though you don’t have it yet. Study those who do and see what they did to get where they got. If you can, seek them out and ask for advice. Many will be so flattered they will gladly offer help. If that happens, not only will you get valuable insight, but a new connection that can help you get where you want to be.

Watch out for the “foot in the door” jobs. Many people get those and never notice that years have gone by and the foot is still in the door but the rear end remains outside.  The fantasy that everyone will one day be unable to get to work and they will call on you to be discovered rarely happens so if you’re foot is in the door you must give yourself a time limit to get it out.

Give yourself the job of finding a better job. If your boss gave you that responsibility, you’d do it without question. Be your own boss and give yourself that responsibility of finding a better job. Ask yourself at the end of each day “what did I do today to make things better?”  Did I network? make a connection? Set up a lunch that could lead somewhere?

Don’t lose the fight in the locker room. Many people get so focused on why not, they don’t even entertain the thought of what could be. Remember if you’re focused on what you want and can see yourself doing it, they rest will probably come because you have a better chance of putting yourself in position to get it. Good Luck!