Superstorm Sandy tore through here over two months ago and the outpouring of support continues.

Ocean County's Long Term Recovery Committee meets (Jason Allentoff, Townsquare Media NJ)

While bulldozers and contractors work to clear debris from the battered shore, Ocean County's Long Term Recovery Committee is making slow, but steady progress.

With each passing day, families are growing more desperate for information and funding. The LTRC will offer extra help to victims. But we've been hearing that since November. What's the hold up? Organizers of the group, that met again last Thursday in Toms River, are waiting on additional information and needs assessments from residents, businesses and towns.

Ocean County non-profits have received $2 million dollars to assist those affected by Sandy thanks to the Robin Hood Fund. Ted Gooding is the chairman of the group. He says "we have been hearing questions lately from people very frustrated. They want to know why we're not moving more swiftly. We need to know exactly what the needs of the people are and we have organized. Now, we estimate within the next 60 days or less, we will be ready to move on things and reach out."

But what about those who can't wait?

Gooding says, "If people have immediate needs, we can put them in touch with the right people. The debacle going on in Washington D.C. doesn't help matters. It puts everyone on edge, worrying whether or not the funding will come. The sooner the money comes in, the faster the recovery and rebuilding process will be."

The LTRC will be attending the Home Show in Toms River at the end of the month. They will be meeting the public and you'll have a chance to talk to representatives about your needs. We will have more details as it gets closer. The Home Show takes place in the Pine Belt Arena in Toms River on January 25th.

The organization plans to meet again in the coming weeks. They will also be meeting with the Mayor's of the hard hit Ocean County communities soon.