This is one of the things you worry about in a crisis, like the one we’re in the midst of right now.

That “not so neighborly” attitude that some of us have when faced with something as abnormal as we’re going through.

In Nutley, a long gas line was too long for some customers of one particular gas station…leading to some typical Jersey attitude on the part of the participants.

If you want gasoline in New Jersey, you're going to have to wait and it's causing tempers to flare.

Like homes, gas stations are without power across the state. It's led to long lines and shortages for gas. Lines ran down the side of the Garden State Turnpike and New Jersey Parkway, causing a hazard on the two highways. Some stations have closed because they ran out of gas, including those in Morristown.

The gas shortage has led to short tempers. A Morristown gas station attendant said people were arguing while waiting in line today.

One argument at a Nutley gas station was caught on video and posted on YouTube. The video shows several people arguing with someone sitting in a vehicle.

Check it out:

Here’s my prescription when you feel like you’re about to “schiatta!”…..count to 10, then laugh at yourself.

But not at the other guy….he (or she) may not find what you’re laughing at too funny!

“schiatta!” - to implode...bust a gut!