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1) How long a commute do you have? And where do you waste the most time on your drive? A new study shows that traffic costs time and money…like we didn’t know that already!

2) Manchester H.S. parents alert cops to cyber bullying attack targeting students. Do you feel the victims of cyber bullies need to go to the cops? Today they do!

3) There’s gonna be a new reality show called 'Real Barmaids' of New Jersey. If you had to vote for hottest barmaid, who would she be?

4) How many languages do you speak? I firmly believe we should be able to speak another language other than English. South Jersey high school students embrace, excel learning Chinese culture and language!

5) Do you think Gov. Christie’s weight is an issue if he decides to run for President…would you vote for him if he still had the weight on? Today he told the ex-White House doctor who appeared on CNN, and was concerned about his health to 'Shut up'

6) Do you feel the Paterson Public Library has the right to ban violent video games on their computers? An anti-censorship group is blasting their policy.

7) Could you support a bill that would give you, if you were terminally ill, the right to choose when and how to die? One South Jersey Assemblyman is introducing the New Jersey Death with Dignity Act.

8) Out of control clerk: Did you ever see a kid acting up that you just wanted to belt across the face? One kid was spanked by a clerk at a store for running up and down aisles and having a cookie thrown at her…and it wasn’t even the clerk’s kid?

9) Bad neighbor stories…Is it worth it getting into a beef with a neighbor who lets their dog crap in front of your house? You can get killed that way.
One guy in Northeast Philly was found guilty in slaying over dog feces cleanup dispute

10) Will you miss not getting Saturday delivery of mail…and by the way…do you even know who your mailman is anymore?

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