That’s what some In the district are saying after an incident was reported to have happened this past Thursday in the boys bathroom of the Gregory Elementary School.

Four boys all under the age of 10 were tied up in yellow caution tape by 2 maintenance workers at the school; one of whom was reportedly a plumber.

Thus far no charges have been filed against the two. However they were suspended with pay following the report of the incident.

Walter O’Neill, spokesman for the Long Branch public schools, said the incident was “a prank gone wrong.”

Please help me out here. I don’t mean to sound hysterical but…..and that’s a big but:

Is there ever any such thing as “in jest” when it comes to school employees and students.?

Even in jest….hearing everything that you’ve heard over the past year or so, do you think it’s appropriate for a school employee to engage in horseplay with a student?

The poll is below.