A member of the band Stronger Than Dirt (a regular caller to the show) called into the Dennis and Judi Show to announce the band will be playing its last show together this weekend.  This brought up the topic of local bands in New Jersey that are having trouble staying together due to a bad economy.

Dennis and Judi opened the phone lines to local New Jersey bands to call up and share their stories and plug their gigs.  Many local bands shared similar stories of having trouble getting gigs in recent years with the sluggish economy.  However, they all got a chance to promote their band on the Dennis and Judi Show.

Some of the local New Jersey bands that called in throughout the hour were Superband, Ruby the Hatchet, Stronger Than Dirt, Breathing Blue, Silk and Steel, and Upper Hand.

Stronger Than Dirt will be playing their last show this weekend in Clark, NJ. You can find more information on their website Strongerthandirt.com.

Check out these bands and other local New Jersey bands to help keep local New Jersey music alive.