At a storm briefing in Harvey Cedars today, Governor Christie said efforts to recover from Sandy may take a step back in the next 24 to 48 hours. A nor'easter is already affecting parts of New Jersey, and it will continue to do so through early tomorrow.

Speaking to reporters at a local firehouse, Christie said the biggest risk of this storm is additional power outages, but he said he is confident that crews will get back to work when the weather breaks Thursday.

"We have 11,000 utility workers on the ground in New Jersey," Christie noted. "We're housing them here; we're not letting them leave."

Shore communities have been working hard to reinforce dunes since Sandy, but the Governor said he is unsure how well they will hold.

On a positive note, inland, reservoir and river/stream levels are at a normal or below normal level.

"We're not really worried about inland flooding," said Christie.

The forecast is pleasant for the upcoming weekend, which will give officials, crews and residents much-needed time for recovery efforts.