An off-duty police officer in Garfield thwarted a robbery attempt as 2 men were trying to steal a snow blower.

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That story got Bill Doyle and I to thinking that even in the winter, a snow blower is odd thing to try and walk away with.  So we decided to ask the listeners what strange things they had stolen from them.

Bill opened things up by saying that he had a small portable grill years ago that he would leave out and had that stolen. Bill couldn't understand why someone would steal such a crappy grill but he chalked it up to someone who just needed it more than he did.

Myself, I told a story that even Bill didn't believe at first. growing up in Hudson County, my parents refused to hang Christmas lights outside the house because one year, someone stole some of the bulbs off the string. Yes, the bulbs off of Christmas lights.

Here are some of the things that our listeners had stolen from them. Some of these items were really hard to imagine that anyone would steal them.

- Owl decoy for the lawn

- Blowup Christmas penguin

- Box of Italian pastries

- Half-cooked rotisserie chicken

- Snow blowers

- Old fire hydrant

- Generator

- Baby carriage

- Revolutionary War artifacts

- Plastic pink flamingos

- Calvin Klein jeans off a laundry line

- Marriage license

What odd things have you had stolen from you? Keep the list going by commenting below.