As has become customary on the mornings of 'Ask the Governor' Jim uses the last hour of his show for listeners to call in with their questions for the governor. Many listeners may not have the ability to call in tonight for the show, so Jim takes all the questions and passes them along for tonight.

Gov. Chris Christie (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Here are the callers and their questions that they wanted to pose to Governor Chris Christie.

Eve in Bayville: Why is SHRAP Program saying there is not enough people in program to pay mortgages.

Mike in Toms River: Development being built in Cape May County that is being financed by Sandy relief money. How is this happening?

Dee in Aberdeen Twp: Applied and was denied for family care and Obamacare. Can't afford insurance. What should she do?

Steve in Bedminster: What do school teachers get 100% of salaries when they are receiving workers comp disability?

Jeff in Brick: Is governor going to do anything about alimony reform.

John in South Jersey: Why do I have to pay PIP insurance.

Mark in Holmdel: Are we better off now than we were 5 years ago?

Frank in Point Pleasant: Why doesn't the state consider me a disabled veteran when I am considered one?

Mark in East Brunswick: Is the governor considering vetoing the gun magazine limit?

John on the Turnpike: How much money is being spent on enforcing anti-marijuana laws? Are they actually working?

Andrew in Bynum Twp.: Why do tax payers without kids pay the same as tax payers with kids?

Michael from South Jersey: How much money are we paying on state-owned vehicles?

Robert in Ocean Twp: Can Governor Christie extend the unemployment for New Jersey?

What do you want to ask Governor Chris Christie? Leave your questions below?