A very popular urban legend has resurfaced now that Halloween has come and gone. We're sure you've heard this one before. Needles and other sharp objects found inside Halloween candy.

Jeff and Bill wanted to hear about the urban legends you've heard throughout the years. Some of the legends we heard are very common and have been debunked time after time. For example, the one about potential gang members driving with their headlights off who kill whoever flashes their lights at them for gang initiation. Other urban legends called in were pretty easy to find answers to, but there was one involving bed bugs that will really make you scratch your head... out of confusion, not out of itchiness.

Listen to the crazy urban legend called in by Don from Mount Laurel below.

It's not too late to share your urban legends. Tell us the craziest, most believable or funniest urban legend you know of in the comment section below.