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First of all, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the two boys who have fallen through the ice and may have drowned in Budd Lake!

1) Do you feel a law being proposed called Lisa’s Law could protect victims of domestic violence?

2) Cop previously caught sleeping on the job loses gun – Should he lose his job.

3) Should “Coaster Man of Seaside Heights”, the guy who climbed the Jet Star Coaster that’s still submerged off the coast of Jersey have been charged with anything?

4) United Van Lines 2012 Migration Study says that New Jersey is number one among the states in outbound moves…do you feel you should stay…or is it time to go?

5) A transsexual teacher fired from a Queens High School for being “worse than gay” is suing. Should this person have lost their job?

6) 11 year old girl who wants to continue playing football with the boys. Should she be allowed to continue.

7) And now for the loaded question of the night!
N.J. college students to rally for lower tuition for illegal immigrants - should they be able to pay in-state rates? You be the judge!

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