Every so often a topic will engage a heated debate and bring out a lot of great comments. Judi Franco's 10 am hour today (8/7) was one of them, if for nothing else than for a comment that a caller attempted to make to her today.

Judi opened the show today with a topic about whether or not circus acts are cruel to animals. So of course, the animal whackos came out in full force to defend their beloved furry friends.

One caller, Jeff from Jackson, who unfortunately couldn't hold on, had the line of the day with a point that he wanted to bring up about animals having emotions. Jeff' point was this, "Dogs are more human than humans." Wait, what?

We really were disappointed that Jeff couldn't hold on and make that statement on air but we just had to share it with you because it was just way too crazy to let go.

How can anything be more human than a human? Maybe we missed something?

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