It’s being called one of the dirtiest plays in high school football and it happened Friday night when a Linden High School football player ripped the helmet off an Immaculata offensive lineman, then hit him over the head with it. The helmet was then thrown several yards down the field.  If this doesn’t ready this kid for pro football nothing will.

You would think that would be a bad joke but the play was nothing more than a precursor to what happened last Sunday when Bengals defensive back Adam Jones removed the helmet from the Raiders receiver Amari Cooper and then slammed Cooper's head into it.

You would think such unsportsmanlike play would get you thrown out of the league or at least suspended, but apparently it didn't, even though Jones is no stranger to being suspended. Apparently in the National Football league though, ripping the helmet off an opposing players head and slamming his head into the ground only gets you fined.

But what about the high school level, where sportsmanship is supposed to be taught? A message needs to be sent that this kind of play will not be tolerated, at least until they go pro, or go decide to sign with Rutgers.

What do you think should happen to the Linden High School player who ripped the helmet off the Immaculata player and hit him over the head with it? Take the poll below.