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Leading off each hour will be these:

11) Heard first on the Late Show! Cops in Linden pulled over a guy for having an air freshener hanging from his rear view mirror. This led to an altercation between the driver and Linden. Now community leaders are calling for an investigation by the Union County Prosecutor. Do you feel that cops should randomly pull you over for something as benign as a busted tail light? Blog and poll at!

12) When teachers snap, should they automatically be fired…blog and poll up at

1) Is football too dangerous a sport for kids to be playing? A former NFL player and current analyst; and a current NFL player both agree they’d dissuade their sons from playing football!

Ancillary topic: the death of Junior Seau has prompted a call to study his brain for possible damage cause by continued blows to the head. His family is discussing this with their tribal elders to see how this would square with their customs. Should they be pressured into giving up his brain for research, or should their customs be respected?

2) If you drive a cab or limo, how hard is it making a living today, and is it even worth it. Cab drivers in Vineland are looking for a fare increase.

Plus plenty of leftovers and breaking stuff such as:

Would you avoid eating meat that was not humanely treated? The Safeway chain is looking to stock their stores with pork that was not kept in crates. But the animals do die eventually. No? (Perhaps it’s best to just not eat!)

Do you live in a 3 generation household due to the economy?. And if you’re a recent college grad, did you have to move back in with mom and dad; and how much cash are they giving you to support you? (C’mon you can tell me!)

Do you feel the sender of a text should be liable for causing an accident…a judge in Morris County is to decide if sender of text is liable if the person its meant for crashes their car. When they say, shoot all the lawyers, this is a perfect example of why!

For some people, the simpler the phone, the smarter the phone….have you made it to a smartphone, or are you still going it old school?

The results of the big vote in Ocean City about lifting the restriction on BYOB dining. I think it’s time to leave Ocean City alone….if they don’t want BYOB dining, they don’t have to have it.

Are fish caught off the waters in Jersey good enough to eat? Would you ever eat anything caught out of our rivers and streams?

Have your parents ever busted you for anything and brought you to the police station?

Ever gone back to your old neighborhood? What have you found, and are you glad you got out just in the nick of time?

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