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11) A couple of weeks ago we talked about cuts to the food stamp program, and if you felt they were fair or unfair.

Today we have an article up online at as to whether or not your EBT card should be used at ATM’s to pay for things like liquor…and what one assemblyman is calling for. Should the EBT card be limited to the purchase of food…and not have a cash out option? Poll up at!

12) Park Ridge Hotel Guests Rescue a Baby Thrown in Pool by what seemed to be a “drug addled” baby sitter…only being held on 25 thousand dollars bail – Is Bail High Enough [POLL]

1) Should the Newark Woman Accused of Abusing Patrick the Pit Bull Get PTI, or go to trial?

2) Was the state’s investment in helping to revive the Revel project a good investment? Reports indicate that it still ranks near bottom in gambling revenue for Atlantic City casinos. Well, if you like this one, just imagine how the American Dream project’s gonna work out.

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