Its been like driving on the surface of the moon, but with (hopefully) a better suspension than the Lunar Rover.

The past couple years, particularly the past two winters, have been tough on New Jersey roads.  Potholes everywhere! Its well-known that road repair budgets, from the locals on up to the feds, are severely strained.  Hot patch or bump resurfacing, fixes that are meant to be temporary, seem to have become permanent.

The most heavily pothole-pocked road I have encountered (a major portion of my commute to New Jersey 101.5) is Route 206 in Montgomery Township, Somerset County.  Truly like driving on the moon...bouncing over rough terrain, and dodging craters.

I am pleased to report that there has been some much-needed improvement over this weekend.  When you head to work tomorrow (Monday) morning, you will happily notice that many of the least car-friendly stretches in the southbound direction have been freshly paved (other than around the on-going Bypass construction).  Here's to hoping that the paving in the northbound lanes will be as smooth.  And, last a long time.  Our suspensions have been abused enough.

Where have you found "lunar" roadscaping in New Jersey? Vent below!