Hi, I'm Eric, and I'm a Star Wars Geek.

I was seven when Star Wars first came out, and like many of my generation I was hooked from the first scene. Any stick became a lightsaber. A rock was a thermal detonator. I've even managed to pass this addiction along to both of my sons.

That's why stories like this one are irresistible to me. If you get the reference, below, you might be a Star Wars Geek, too. We have a support group. Email me for meeting times.

A guy in Oregon goes on a rampage with a toy lightsaber in a local toy store. Police tried to taser him, but he deftly deflected the shot with his plastic blade. A judge has handed down sentence.

No, he will not be cast into the Pit of Carkoon, home of the all-mighty Sarlacc to be slowly digested for a thousand years.

He will, however, be jailed for 45 days and undergo a psychiatric evaluation.