So there's this new study suggesting that lying has become a standard part of most conversations. What about in New Jersey?

I'm thinking along the lines of lies about our great state that we have to put up with.

Those Jersey myths that live on in infamy, thanks to outsiders.  Let's look at some of the most chronic lies spread about NJ.

We only go “down the Shore.”

Asbury Park sunset (Erin Vogt, Townsquare Media)

I’ve always lived in Jersey and sometimes I go “to the beach.” In my own state. Yes we’re proud of the Jersey Shore as a region, but using the term 'beach' is not such a deal-breaker.

The Giants/Jets play in New York.

Football fans outside MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford (Matthew White, Townsquare Media)

Super Bowl 48 was a nightmare for proud Jersey residents. Not because local teams were long out of it, but those dreaded stadium shots on TV, followed by “live from New York.” Or, these Fox Sports backhanded mentions of New Jersey while recapping coverage.

The home stadium for two NFL teams is at the Meadowlands. Pretending it’s across the Hudson is just wrong, every time.

Camden’s concert venue is really Philadelphia.

When concerts pop up on a tour schedule, if it says Philadelphia, there’s a chance it really means Camden. The waterfront venue is now BB&T Pavilion. Sometimes, the press release even labels it wrong. It happened for country star Luke Bryan's tour and the Hall & Oates summer dates. Yeah, it’s across the river, but in a different state.

Camden’s had its rough times, why not let them have this one thing? Credit where credit is due, man!

That Jersey accent, though.  

The fake “Joisey” thing is just that, fake. Instead, there are those north and south Jersey dialects that are as different as if we had five states in-between. I've been told by shocked out-of-staters that I don't *sound* like I'm from Jersey — until I say the word "coffee." There are some catchphrases that ring true, too,  like “Not for nothing.”

Jersey is only diners and malls and that ugly stretch of the Turnpike.

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

You know which part of the Turnpike elicits that grimace — it's from around 13A on up. And yes, we love our many diners and upscale shopping centers. But, New Jersey offers plenty of farmland, culture and fine dining, too. There’s 260 Zagat-rated restaurants across Jersey, for starters (no matter how badly Yelp snubs us).

Taxes are way too high in New Jersey. 

Ok — that one’s true.

Erin Vogt is a lifelong Jersey Girl, whose first reporting gig involved her Fisher Price tape recorder. As a wife and momma of two kiddies, she firmly believes that life’s too short to drink bad coffee.  A fan of the beach, Dave Grohl and karma, in no particular order.