There’s still a lot of summer left to try out a new beach!

These are the top ten New Jersey beaches as voted by our listeners. I also included the qualities that make them our faves!

  • Our listeners like Cape May Point (as opposed to Cape May proper) for its relatively secluded location, and the fact that the combination of bay and ocean waters make the surf calm and swimmable
  • LBI beaches are a favorite also for the calm and relative quiet of the beach and surrounding area.
  • Long Branch beachfront (north of the Ocean Place resort) is cited for its central location, tiki bar as well as the lack of crowds.
  • Long Branch again, this time Pier Village Beach. The shopping plaza and fine dining and pristine new boardwalk make it a favorite
  • Spring Lake beach makes the list for its clear water, pristine sands, and its no-food-on-the-beach policy, which keeps the beach sparkling clean.
  • Manasquan Beach. A real California vibe with a jetty to spearfish off of, paddle board rentals and best of all, a separate dedicated doggy beach
  • Seven Presidents Park. It's huge, there’s plenty of parking, it's well maintained and very family friendly, with one of the coolest beachside playgrounds around.
  • Cape May — yeah yeah yeah, Victoriana, family-friendly, you know the drill.
  • Wildwood, for the usual reasons: No beach fees, powdery sand, kitschy motels. Lots of action and the '50s' feel.

And the No. 1 beach is ...

  • Sandy Hook! (Gateway National Recreation Area)

Since our buddies at the federal government manage the place, alcohol is allowed on the beach (a plus for many of our listeners). It's also centrally located, with ample parking, bike trails, showers, a choice of pretty beaches, food trucks and what’s more, the convenience of a ferry stop to get you there!

Where are your favorite beaches in New Jersey? Let us hear about them! Tweet at NJ1015 or Dennis & Judi !

— Judi Franco

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