Wang Chung was a British New Wave band whose name is some sort of Chinese musical term. They had a pretty good run in the mid 80’s with such chart hits as “Don’t Let Go”, which hit #38 in 1984, “Dance Hall Days” at #16, also in ’84, and “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”, a number 2 hit, later immortalized when Frasier on Cheers quoted it.

I didn’t request any of those songs, though. You may be expecting some obscure, barely-made-the-Hot 100 song, but, no, I picked a song that, while you never hear it on the radio now, was a Top-Ten hit, “Let’s Go” in 1987. Strangely, it only made it to #81 in their native UK.

For now (and I assume for good) it is their last Top-Ten hit.

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