One interesting thing to note about this year's Super Bowl, is that both NFL championship games were played in states where marijuana is totally legal. New Jersey State Senator Nicholas Scutari wants us to follow in their footsteps

David McNew/Getty Images

Scutari, a Democrat from Union county who is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, plans to introduce legislation within a month that will call for the legalization of marijuana. So far, this drug is only allowed in New Jersey for medicinal purposes.

Calling New Jersey’s war on marijuana a “miserable failure,” Scutari says legalization of the sale and possession of marijuana would help police stop fighting a losing and expensive battle in the war on drugs, and would prevent otherwise law-abiding citizens from ruining their futures with a minor drug conviction. Not to mention the money it would bring into the economy.

Governor Chris Christie, former U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, has been vehemently opposed to legalization of the sale and possession of marijuana and has resisted efforts to expand the state's new medical marijuana laws.

I think legalizing marijuana is long overdue. It not only reduces crime, but creates jobs and boosts the economy as well, not to mention what it will do for the pizza business. Peyton Manning owns twenty one Papa Johns franchises in Colorado, whose state our marijuana law could be modeled after.

Pizza franchises where pot is legal? Now that’s wise investing! Especially in New Jersey, where the pizza is unmatched!

What do you think? Would you like to see marijuana totally legal in New Jersey? Are we not more progressive than both Washington and Colorado?