The warmth of yesterday is gone, although it reached 60 in Atlantic City, 58 at Newark Liberty Airport.  So, it was a very mild day, despite limited, if any, sunshine.

Today's temperature will probably be no better than just into the 40s this afternoon.  Much of the rain should end in most of Central and North Jersey. There's just a few spots in South Jersey that may have some leftover showers for a time, especially this morning.

But, another round of rain is on the way for tonight, along with some sleet and possible NW Jersey snow.  A few inches are possible in that section of the state before it tapers off tomorrow afternoon.  Highs tomorrow from 35 to 45.

Partly sunny skies return Thursday, well into the 40s.

Chillier but dry weather Friday.

Most of the upcoming weekend looks fine, although eventually it's going to be turning much colder, at least for a brief period by the end of the weekend.